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Professional Dog Training Classes in Stony Plain

Training your dogs not only makes them easier to manage but strengthens your bond and gives you a way to clearly communicate with them. At E&E Kennels, we provide a number of dog training classes, from basic obedience training and competitive agility training to puppy kindergarten and rally obedience. Our courses are designed for dogs of different ages and abilities; our professional trainers have years of experience and are dedicated to making training enjoyable for both dogs and humans.


COVID-19 Update (July 23, 2021)

We are now officially in stage three. All indoor dog training is open for one on one, group or drop-in. We encourage social distancing and masks however it is not mandatory.  

Our trainers may still opt to be outside if it is nice out.

If you have any questions, call or email us.

Board & Train (coming soon september 2021)

Training sessions are provided to your dog by one of our experienced trainers while they are here for boarding.

Does your dog need a refresher on manners and obedience, or maybe you want them to learn a new trick? Look no further! We offer board and training for all ages and breeds. While your dog is here for boarding of any length of time, they can receive training from one of our experienced trainers. The trainer will take the dog for a 20-minute session, however many times you'd like during their stay. Sessions can not exceed two per day. Each session is $20 + GST per 20 minutes. No behaviour modifications, only obedience/manners and tricks.

Private Training Sessions

Private training for you and your dog with our well educated Dog Trainer, Sylvia. 

1 hour time slots with you, your dog and the trainer.  Dogs must be 4 months or older and only one dog per session. The trainer will not accept any extreme behavior modifications, the focus is day to day manners, leash walking issues, jumping, focus etc. Clients can also choose to go for a walk with the Trainer around the Stony Plain industrial park.  Bookings can be made over the phone or email, payment must be made prior to session date. Full refund 12 hours before session time, half refund 4 hours before session time and no refund for anything less than 4 hours before scheduled time or no shows. 

We offer an hourly price as well as either 3 hour cards or 6 hour cards that are discounted. Client can sign up for consecutive days but no more than one hour per day per dog.

$90 per hour

$245 for 3 hour card

$490 for 6 hour card

Private Training Sessions with Sylvia (June 19-July 25, 2021)

pack walks with a trainer

Take your training out into the real world! This is a class for people who have completed Level 1 Obedience and are looing for more help when walking their dog out and about in public areas. Each walk will take place at a different location around the Stony Plain/Spruce Grove area. The trainer will discuss this more during the first lesson, which will take place at our facility. Each walk will be intructional, with the Trainer there to assist you when needed. 

$180.00 + GST, 4 week program / 1 hour per week

Pack Walks with Sylvia
Start Date:July 28, 2021
End Date:August 18, 2021

Puppy Kindergarten Classes

Prerequisites: Maximum age of 5 months old, at least the first two sets of puppy vaccines.

The Puppy K class is intended to help puppies socialize during their most formative weeks; this class helps you build a bond with your puppy while giving you the skills to raise a well-behaved, well-cared-for dog. It is a fun class of constructive, experience-oriented activities that will introduce owners to the basics of puppy care, training, and handling. The class focuses on socializing your pup with other dogs and people in a productive, structured way as well as exposing them to novel sights and sounds. Canine social skills and owner knowledge of body language and appropriate play is developed through short, supervised off-leash play sessions at the end of each class. 

We recommended owners continue with Level 1 Obedience once they have mastered the concepts taught in this class.


Supplies you will need include:

  • Harness/collar of your choice
  • 6 ft. leash (no flexi/extendable leads)
  • Small, training-sized treats

$150.00 + GST, 6 week program / 45 minutes per week. (Maximum 6 dogs per class.)


Puppy K (FULL)
Start Date:July 24, 2021
End Date:August 28, 2021
Puppy K
Start Date:August 18, 2021
End Date:September 22, 2021

Level 1 Obedience Classes

Prerequisites: Minimum age of 6 months old.

This class teaches your dog social manners and helps in correcting any minor behavioural problems. Basic commands such as sit, stay, come, down and stand are covered. We require you bring your own 6 ft., non-extendable leash as well as treats. Please bring your dog to the first class as we will be starting with lesson 1 right away.

$200.00 + GST, 6 week program / 1 hour per week

Level 1 Obedience with Sylvia
Start Date:July 25, 2021
End Date:August 12, 2021

Level 1 Obedience with Sylvia
Start Date:July 27, 2021
End Date:August 27, 2021

Foundation Agility

Prerequisites: Basic obedience skills, ability to focus on work in a class full of other dogs

This class is for owners and dogs just starting out in agility. The foundation class will introduce your dog to basic agility skills needed in order to perform a course safely and under control. Dogs will learn directional commands and be introduced to some simple obstacles and obstacle foundations*; including jumps, hoops, tunnels, barrels, weave pole foundations, and wobble board/pre-teeter. 

* Obstacles and foundation exercises will be modified for young dogs whose bodies are still growing. Such young dogs may take Foundation multiple times before advancing to Recreational.

Supplies you will need include:

  • Flat collar and 6 ft. leash (no flexi/extendable leads)
  • OR slip lead
  • Toys and treats for rewards

$200.00 + GST, 8 week program / 1 hour per week. (Maximum 6 dogs per class.)

Foundation Agility with Darcie
Start Date:August 12, 2021
End Date:September 30, 2021

Agility Skills

Prerequisites: Foundation Agility, dogs should be at least one year old.

The agility skills classes are split into Handling, Weaving, and Contacts. These are separate 6-week classes taught on rotation that prepare students for competitive levels of agility. Each class focuses on a different common "problem area" for dogs and/or handlers so you get exactly the training you need. If the class you need is not currently running, check back in a few weeks or call our office to express your interest in which one you'd like to see next!

Supplies you will need include:

  • Flat collar and 6 ft. leash (no flexi/extendable leads)
  • OR slip lead
  • Toys and treats for rewards

$160.00 + GST, 6 week program / 1 hour per week. (Maximum 6 dogs per class.)

Contact Skills
Start Date:
End Date:
Handling Skills
Start Date:August 12, 2021
End Date:September 16, 2021
Weaving Skills
Start Date:
End Date:

Competitive Agility

Prerequisites: Agility Skills, invitation by instructor.

Polish the agility performance of your dog(s) for competitions in this class. This class covers more advanced agility concepts and handling skills.

Supplies you will need include:

  • Flat collar and 6 ft. leash (no flexi/extendable leads)
  • OR slip lead
  • Toys and treats for rewards

$180.00 + GST, 8 week program / 1 hour per week. (Maximum 6 dogs per class.)

Competitive Agility ($180) with Darcie
Start Date:--
End Date:--


Are you interested in a fun, low pressure class that lets you bond with your dog and improve your training skills? Tricks are great foundations for valuable life skills and an excellent way to strengthen your relationship with your furry friend. Come and learn how to teach a trick you've always wanted to try or build a title routine from the ground up—all ages and skill levels are welcome in this class.

Note: Tricks does require some planning on the handler's part as you will be asked to choose the tricks you want to teach. Don't worry, you will have a long list to choose from and instructor guidance if desired!
* Our trainer is a Do More With Your Dog! Certified Trick Dog Instructor and is qualified to witness title performances. You could end your class with a new ribbon and title!

Supplies you will need include:

  • A lot of (small, training-sized) treats!

$180 + GST, 6 week program / 1 hour per week. (Maximum 6 dogs per class.)

  • Trick Dog
  • DO More with your dog
  • Canadian kennel club
Tricks ($160 +gst) with Darcie (NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING)
Start Date:N/A
End Date:

conformation classes

This is currently NOT a drop in class due to COVID, please contact the office to register for individual or multiple Sundays prior to attending. 

Dog showing can be a fun-filled canine activity! If you’re interested in showing your dog, learn the trade from two experienced handlers. The conformation class is $10 (no GST) per dog every week and the payment is due at the start of class or $15 for multiple dogs with one handler. Attendees will be given the option to purchase a punch card for $50. By prepaying for five classes, you will receive the sixth one for free. (One punch card per dog, one punch per class.) The free sixth class deal is unavailable for people who don’t buy our punch cards.



$10.00 per dog/class (due on attendance) or $15.00 for multiple dogs sharing the 1 hour mat time. 

Drop-in cards can be purchased at our office: $50.00 per dog/five classes, sixth class free (Drop in cards can still be used at this time, however must be pre-registered for the class) 

Conformation Classes with Caitlyn & Ally (NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING)
Start Date:-
End Date:-

Groom Your Dog

Give your pet the ultimutt makeover.



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