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Pet Grooming Services in Stony Plain – They Deserve It!

Our sweet, furry friends deserve the occasional pawmpering. At E&E Kennels, our experienced team provides pet grooming services that will leave your pet smelling and looking their best. We understand that grooming your pet can be a frustrating and tiring chore. Leave it to us to help you bring home a clean and happy fur baby!

A note regarding prices: We do not list prices on our website because each price is set individually based on the size, condition and behaviour of your pet. Please call our office for a starting price based on your pet’s breed.

Grooming is available 5 days a week (Tuesday – Saturday). Please call for more information about our Groomer's schedules, as they could change depending on Groomer availability. 


Dog Grooming Services

  • Full groom: Nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, brush out, hair cut of your choice (short or long “scissor” cut, shave down, breed-specific cut, etc.)
  • BBN & tidy: Nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, brush out, feet/face/sanitary area trimmed
  • BBN: Nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, brush out

Additional options (may be an additional charge):

Anal gland expression and more. Some options are listed below.

All grooming services include nail trims and ear cleaning. They also include a complimentary bandana/scarf.

Additional Services
Teeth Brushing (Includes Toothbrush)$10.00+GST
Coat Colouring (Dying)starting at $20.00+GST(can go up depending on style)
SPA Lavish Tear Stain Facial Cleanser *$5.00+GST
Deep Conditioning$5.00+GST
Whitening Shampoo$5.00+GST
Combination of Any Three:
SpaFresh Facial Scrub, De-Shedding,
Whitening Shampoo or Deep Conditioning
3 for $15.00+GST
* All-natural botanical formula to remove stains without irritating eyes or sensitive skin.
** Conditioner applied after shampooing, during bathing, aims to dramatically reduce shedding (advertised at 60-80 %.) Loosening the undercoat before brushing makes de-shedding easier and promotes healthier skin and coat.

Drop-in Services

Drop-in services must happen during our office hours, we recommend calling prior to confirm that we have a Groomer in.
Nail trim$13.00+GST
Nail trim for difficult pets$17.00+GST
Dogs Only
Dremel$3.00 added to nail trim cost
Face trim only$10.00+GST
Sanitary area clean-up$10.00+GST
Faceand feet trim$20.00+GST
Ear plucking$10.00+GST
Nails and ear pluck$20.00+GST
Anal gland expression$10.00+GST
Nails and feet trim$15.00+GST
Nails and brush out$20.00+GST
Nails and face trim$20.00+GST
Nail/brush/sanitary area/face trim$30.00+GST
Nail/brush/sanitary area$25.00+GST
Ear cleaning$10.00+GST
Brush out$13.00+GST
Drop in times are between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Mon to Sat, and 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM on Sundays.

Cat Grooming Services*

*NOTICE* We are not currectly able to groom cats. Apologies for the inconvenience
Full Groom with Bath (includes: dry, brush, nail trim, ear clean, and a full body trim or lion cut)Starting at $80.00+GST*
Full Groom without Bath (includes: brush, nail trim, ear clean, and a full body trim or lion cut)Starting at $70.00+GST*
Medium – Long-Haired Bath + Tidy (includes: ear clean and nail trim)Starting at $60.00+GST*
Short-Haired Bath + Tidy(includes: ear clean and nail trim)Starting at $50.00+GST*
Long-Haired Brush-Out (includes: ear clean and nail trim)Starting at $45.00+GST*
Short-Haired Brush-Out(includes: ear clean and nail trim)Starting at $40.00+GST*
*All prices are dependent on the cat's behaviour.


Drop-Off Times

Drop-off times for grooming are between 7:00 and 10:00 AM (on all days of the week.) Please be advised that our grooming appointments are not set with specific drop-off and pickup times but only a drop-off time. Each groomer bathes all of their clients in the morning and then finishes them in order of arrival to allow each pet a break between bathing, drying and finishing to reduce stress.

Reminder Calls

You should receive a reminder call the day before your scheduled grooming appointment (at any time during our office hours.) If you do not receive a phone call, do not assume that you do not have an appointment; please call to confirm before neglecting to show up—the call is a courtesy but your appointment is still your responsibility! Thank you for your consideration.

Pickup Times

Your pet will typically be available for pickup by mid-afternoon (between 1:00 and 4:00 PM), though it may be earlier or later, depending on the difficulty of the pet, the groomer’s day and what time you dropped off. You will receive a phone call at whatever number you give us at drop off as soon as your pet is done and ready to be picked up.

If you have a certain time that you need your pet(s) done by, please be sure that you tell the staff member who takes your pet in at drop off. Our groomers can make no promises (their day depends on how many difficult/time-consuming pets they have) but they will do their very best to accommodate you. Each pet booked that day deserves to be done well and not rushed, so please only specify a time if you are operating under a time constraint. Thank you for your understanding!

Please call or come in to the kennel to book a grooming appointment. We cannot take grooming bookings over email as our slots are filled quickly over the phone and emails typically move too slowly to keep up with our rapidly changing schedule book!

To Our Grooming Clients

Please take note of the following:

  • When dropping off your dog or cat for grooming, if your groomer is not in yet, please leave the most specific instructions that you can with staff as to what you would like done. 
  • If the groomer is in, she will take your instructions directly.
  • When picking up, please check your pet over carefully before leaving. If the groomer is still here, she can fix any issues immediately.
  • If the groomer is not available for you to talk to, reception will take your name and number and your groomer will call you.
  • If you have any concerns after you have left, you must contact your groomer within 24 hours.
  • You must speak directly to the groomer responsible.

It is not E&E Kennels‘ policy, nor in management’s power, to give refunds for grooming.

Discounts and Offers

Frequent Grooming card

At your next appointment, ask about our Frequent Grooming Card–if your pet is groomed every four months or more frequently, your tenth groom is free! Each groom must be $40.00 or more, drop-in services do not count. If you have more than one dog, each dog must have their own card.

Senior Discounts

When making your booking, be sure to mention if you are a senior (owners only, not dogs! 65+ years). You will receive 10% off your dog’s groom.

New Client Discount

Get 20% your pet’s first grooming service!

Client Discount

If your pet is boarding for more than 5 nights, take 20% off of a grooming service at your dog’s departure.

If you have any questions or require more information on our services, please contact us.

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Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

*Grooming and Daycare drop-off is between 7:00 AM-10:00 AM, please ring the doorbell as we are technically still closed.


**Last pick-up/ drop-off is 5:45 PM to leave time for goodbyes or checkout, anything after that is subject to a $15 charge.


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