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E&E Kennels in Stony Plain has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who strive to do their best in order to give your pets the care and attention they deserve. Learn more about our trainers, handlers and groomers below.

Our Trainers

David Gomme

Kennel Owner

Certified Master Trainer

Dave is a graduate of Canada West Canine Center as a Certified Master Trainer. David has taken an intensive program with education in dog breeds, dog care, kennel management, basic, advanced and utility obedience, personal protection, attack and police k9, tracking, security and support dogs. He has been training dogs since 1998 and has been teaching dog training since 2000. Dave’s love of dogs brought him to E&E Kennels where he has been the owner since February of 2002. After dealing with several behavioral problems and teaching several private obedience classes, the demand for his advice and training increased. With the moral support of family, friends, kennel customers, numerous veterinarians and dog breeders, David finished building his training center in August of 2003.

Though David has retired from hands-on training as of September 2015 due to an injury, he continues to be involved in the training world through seminars and education. He currently owns two dogs: a Belgian Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd.

Sylvia Hildebrand

Obedience, Rally-O

Sylvia has been professionally involved with dogs since 2011, when she started working as a Kennel Attendant at E&E Kennels. Her love for dogs grew as she began training her first dog in obedience and personal protection work. Now passionately involved in dog sports and training, she currently competes and has titled in conformation, rally obedience, agility and flyball with her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Eliot, Cami and Kirby and Border Collie/Whippet mix, Dutchman. Sylvia is a familiar face in obedience classes at E&E Kennels where she has assisted for 3 years and now looks forward to sharing her experience through teaching. In addition to her active competitors, Sylvia also shares her home with her Chinese Crested, Francesca.

Darcie Mesher

Agility, Tricks, Puppy Kindergarten

Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist (CCTBS), Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)

Darcie has loved dogs, dog sports and training from a young age. She has been working with dogs professionally since 2008, when she started at E&E Kennels, and competing in dog sports since 2013. Her first dog—an Australian Shepherd named Indigo—was also her first sport partner and earned his CGN certificate, several titles in NADAC agility and his Expert Trick Dog title in limited trials before retiring. They trained together in a variety of dog sports, including agility, disc, flyball and Rally-O; she is excited for the new training and sport opportunities afforded by working with her young Aussie, Dune.

In class, Darcie is committed to helping you and your dog learn to communicate with one another with as much clarity as possible. Her goal is to minimize their frustration and confusion and cut down on the undesirable behaviours that result from that by making sure that your dog understands exactly what you're asking. From simple behaviours to complex chains, she aims to demystify dog training and help you learn how to work with and enjoy your canine partner.

Darcie studied Advanced Canine Training through the Animal Behavior Institute, is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More With Your Dog!, and continues to expand on her education through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. She is passionate about helping people exercise and bond with their pets through dog sports!

Lara Sorensen

Disc, Flyball

World Skyhoundz Championships competitor

Owner/trainer of the #1 NAFA point holder, the Guinness Book of World Records and Skyhoundz record holder - Davy Whippet

Lara has been competing in dog sports with her purebreds and sport mixes since 1991. Her Dalmatians were highly decorated in agility, obedience, road trials and scent hurdle racing. After years of participating in these sports, she had a craving for something faster and, in 1998, joined the Fort Saskatchewan flyball club. In 2005 she started her own team, Quad Run, and through the years, has taught many different breeds and handlers the sport of flyball. In 2007, OD, her Border Collie, Bones, her sport mix and Pyrat, her height dog, won Cynosport World Games with a team from British Columbia. Her dog Blaze, who is a Jack Russell Terrier and close to retirement, is currently the number one JRT in NAFA. NAFA is the governing body for flyball.

Her other passion is disc (Frisbee). She started to learn how to play in 2008. From 2009 – 2012, she has placed first through third in the Western Canadian Skyhoundz Qualifier with her sport mixes in the disciplines of Freestyle and Distance & Accuracy. Each qualifying spot has given her the opportunity to compete against the best at the Skyhoundz World Finals in Tennessee. In 2012, she had her best result–placing 2nd in the Extreme Distance Micro Dog with her dog Skull. Although she does not throw for Davy Whippet, he is trained by Lara. He has become the first dog to catch over 400 feet, is a five time world record holder and a Guinness World Record holder for an extreme distance athlete.

She loves teaching flyball, disc and trick dog, and encourages new and former students to come to the classes for a fun time and some exercise for you and your canine pal

Our Groomers

Melanie Fisher

Certified Professional Groomer

Available regularly Sunday to Tuesday.

Mel has been a professional groomer for 30 years now, since graduating the Alberta Academy of Dog Grooming in 1990, and had been dealing with canines for 10 years prior to becoming a groomer. She has lived in the Stony Plain area for many years and has been the owner of several different types of animals, past and present.

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